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When the overall condition of asphalt is beyond minor repair Jameson Pavement can offer you two solutions: Complete Removal and Replacement or Resurfacing. 

One of these services may be necessary if there is extensive damage such as excessive potholes and “alligator” cracking throughout, major rutting, heaving of the pavement, or serious drainage issues.  Consult with one of our estimators to learn more about the option that will provide you with the best possible results and work within your desired budget.

If you do opt for new pavement, you can rest assured that we will thoroughly prepare the base with cA-6, grade 9 stone or better, grade the area away from buildings and other structures to ensure proper drainage, and will work in accordance with the Village or City Ordinance and the owner’s specifications.


When minor repairs are  needed Patching is typically a more reasonable and  affordable solution.  Some patches require that the damaged asphalt be  saw-cut,
removed, and replaced, while others only require that the small area be overlayed with asphalt and rolled.  No matter which remedy you choose, our asphalt crews will make sure that the area is clean and that all debris is disposed of properly.