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Our landscape and lawn maintenance crews will work meticulously to keep your property well-maintained with the following services:


All grass will be mowed with Exmark mowers to a height of 2 ½ -3”. Mowers range in size from 3' - 6' widths and will be assigned in order to accommodate the properrty design and to stay time-efficient.  Mowing patterns will be altered weekly wherever possible to prevent any matting or rutting from occurring.  All grass clippings will be blown off of streets, driveways, sidewalks, and patios then bagged unless prior authorization is received in writing to mulch all grass clippings.


All plantbeds, tree rings, and areas around stationary objects such as fences, poles, hydrants, buildings, signs, etc. will be trimmed with a nylon-string mechanical trimmer to the same height as the turfgrass areas.


All sidewalks, streets, driveways, entryways, and patios will be trimmed regularly based on the property requirements.

Bed Maintenance 

Plant beds and tree rings will be cultivated and edged based on the property requirements.  Ornamentals and Perennials (according to species) will be cut down/removed to crown level in the Fall.  Spot weeding shall be done by hand as needed.


All plant life will pruned 1-3 times a season (based on the species of tree or shrub) to remove interfering branches, maintain, and improve the natural size, shape, and scale within the plant bed.  Any plants that exhibit poor health, structure, and form, or are improperly placed without regard for the plant natural size, shape, and conformation, will be pruned as reasonably possible at the Contractors discretion. 

Removal of Debris & Dead Plant Life 

Major Limb Removal and or removal or an entire plant, shrub, or tree shall be done by request and/or recommended by our landscape foreman as deemed necessary.